Custom pet portrait painted by myself! I take time and care to include every detail of your pet to make this a truly meaningful work of art.


A pet portrait is a perfect gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself. This is a special and beautiful way to always remember your furry friends. I carefully spend hours on every digital painting, and will regularly update you of my progress via email to make sure that we create something that is just right for you! I have years of experience studying the arts and doing portraiture works. I hold a BA in illustration and have a well practiced background with different mediums that helps me create these special paintings!


Don't see what you're looking for? Email me at for other sizes or artworks.


Prices include the cost of printing and cost of canvas / paper.


Pet Portrait Commission

  • Instructions:

    Simply select a number of pets and your preference of size and print surface from the drop down menu. If you are happy with your selection, continue to check out. If you have any specific colour / background requests add a note to your order. (or send me an email detailing your request)

    Please provide me (via email) with 2-3 photos of each pet(s)! A clear and high resolution photo makes for a better painting. It is up to you if you'd like your pet looking at the camera or side profile. If you would like a painting of two or more pets that are not originally in a photo together, I can do that! You will recieve an email after purchase, to request the photos.

    You will recieve an email if I need more photos. So please remember to regularly check your emails. Any blurry / dark / poor photos may not be able to be used. If you are unsure of your photos, please contact me first to ask.

    The background is of your choice. I have three options: Plain / flat colour (which is just a block colour for the background), simple (which is a more abstract simple pattern / floral background of your choice) and Complex (which is a very realistic artwork of a scene or landscape that you would like me to put your pet in) 

    If you'd like a specific background, but aren't sure which category to select, or have any questions. Please email me first with your ideas at

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