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First Art Market - My tips on selling your products in person

On the 18th June I got to be a part of Stwff Market in Cardiff! It was a whole lot of fun meeting some amazing artists & getting to see my customers face to face! I really loved the experience, but I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect.

I've put together a (slightly awkward) vlog of my experience, including prep, my table set up and how it went on the day! You can watch it below, or just keep scrolling to see a round up of my tips & tricks!

Setting up your table / booth

Going into it, setting up my table was the thing that overwhelmed & excited me the most!
I spent a lot of time looking at examples of what other artists had used to set up their table. I had quite a wide variety of products I wanted to take with me. From jewellery, to ceramics, to wash tape, stickers & hats!

I've saved you all the tiresome searching & have listed all of the display items I used to set up my table :-)

Washi tape: Nail polish rack

Stickers: Nail polish rack

Other: Table cloth

My Tips for your first art market:

1. Start small & local

2. Practise your set up at home first!!

3. Make more than you think you'll need - you can always bring it home

4. Make your stall eye catching - think banners, displays, signs

5. Be friendly & welcoming

6. write a list, to make sure you don't forget anything

7. If you can, take a card reader - 90% of my sales were via card

8. Take a cash float

9. Make a price sheet for yourself so you can check how much an item is

10. Mingle! Have a chat with the other sellers, art markets are a really great place to network!

11. Take business cards! - lots of them

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